Ben Woods

Ben Woods

British rugby player Ben Woods had a brief career playing for both the Newcastle Falcons and the Leicester Tigers, until he was forced into retirement due to a wrist injury in 2012.

Beginning his career whilst at university in Durham, Ben played in the flanker position and, upon graduating to the professional league, he began playing for the Falcons in 2003. Despite an eighteen month hiatus due to a badly broken leg, Ben quickly made his mark on the Falcons first team.

Ben left Newcastle in 2008 and moved to the Leicester Tigers where he once again quickly became popular with fans and successful amongst his team mates. He was made captain of the Tigers in 2011 and helped to lead the team to victory at the LV Cup against Harlequins.

The highlight of Ben’s career is the time he spent playing for England, most notably for the 2006 and 2007 Churchill Cup.

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