The Sporting Mentalist Show

The Sporting Mentalist Show

Billy Flywheel is the sensational sporting mentalist who will have you wracking your brains at the outcome of some amazing happenings, in this most unique show.

Throughout his Show Business career, Billy has always offered something different with his performances. For many years he has been known as a Comedian who also involves the audience with his visual routines that amaze the guests with magic, mystery and wonderment.

Having worked alongside many sporting greats on the after dinner circuit, Billy came up with the idea of a show completely dedicated to the World of Sport. This show has now been performed by Billy on a number of occasions at Sporting Dinners and Corporate events and is fast becoming the most talked about show on the After Dinner circuit.

Along with Billy’s zany humour, the show is totally interactive with the audience. The participants who will be involved in the routines are chosen by the audience themselves. Billy will be guided by instructions from the guests on the night informing him to turn Left or Right as he walks amongst the audience and when to Stop and select a participant.


Billy brings along a number of sporting autobiographies. A member of the audience will select one of them and read to themselves a random paragraph on a page of their choice. Billy then recites that passage from that page without ever looking at the book.

He will amaze the audience by telling them which coloured Snooker Balls a randomly selected volunteer has placed in their Jacket and Trouser pockets whilst Billy is looking away.

There is a moment of craziness, using a person’s mobile phone with an ending that will leave everyone gob-smacked.

He will give someone a genuine sporting chance to win a monetary prize.

Every prediction made is in full view of the audience throughout the show.

The Sporting Mentalist Show is fun and spontaneous and will leave you astounded by what you have witnessed.