Stuart Turner

Stuart Turner

Stuart has had a lifelong involvement with motor sport.

He competed on most major rallies and was British Champion co-driver for two years. He was competitions chief at the British Motor Corporation when Minis were winning Monte Carlo Rallies, and later headed Ford of Britain’s motor sport operation, guiding the teams to wins on many events including the East African Safari and the London to Mexico, the Longest rally ever held.

He also headed a special Ford Factory making performance cars before becoming Director of Public affairs. He was later given responsibility for Ford’s race and rally programmes across Europe, working with senior executives from many business disciplines in every country in Europe. He took Ford to European and World Championships.

He is still heavily involved in the sport as a Council member of the governing body in the UK, and as chief executive of the Motorsport Safety Fund, a registered charity working the keep the sport safe.

He is the author of over twenty books on motorsport and business, which have been publicised in several languages, including The Public Speaker’s companion, Public Speaking in Business, Practical Sponsorship, A Guide to Public Relations and Planning and Organising Business Functions.

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