Race Nights

Race Nights

Our highly acclaimed Night At The Races Horse Racing is suitable for even the most prestigious events.

Race nights can be run for fund raising or purely as entertainment. Race nights can be operated in a variety of ways to suit the occasion below is an example of this:

  • Large screen
  • High resolution LCD projection
  • PA system playing background music between races
  • Up to 6 quality production English races
  • Full commentary
  • On course Tote booth with Tote girls in “jockey silks”
  • On Course Bookmaker & Clerk (‘Staykitt & Weepe’)
  • Decorative railings, winning posts, artificial turf
  • Picket fencing, horse jumps & backdrop
  • Personalised race cards and authentic betting tickets

Guests may bet individually or in teams, with fun money issued equally to all “syndicates”, together with race cards prior to first race. Prizes and race sponsorship are tailored to your requirements.

There are on-course bookies including Harry Staykitt and Bob Weepe. Odds will be written for each horse on their chalkboards prior to each race and guests then bet on their chosen runners. A betting ticket is issued and the “clerk” records the details of the wager. Pay outs are made straight after the race and include returns for 2nd and 3rd places as well.

At the conclusion of the racing, fun money is totalled to determined winners, or may be used to bid in an auction of prizes.