Nigel Owens

Nigel Owens

One of the most highly respected Rugby referees in the world, Nigel Owens has refereed multiple Heineken Cup finals and officiated World Cup matches many times, making him one of the most accomplished and influential authorities in the sport.

Appointed as an international referee in 2005, Nigel refereed his first game against Ireland and Japan in Osaka. In 2007, he made his World Cup debut in Lyon, officiating for Argentina against Georgia. Since then, Nigel’s reputation for decisive leadership on pitch and tough discipline for offenders has led to him becoming a favourite for fans and pundits, delivering consistent performances with accuracy and sharpness only associated with the best of the sport.

In January 2012, Nigel boosted his popularity by addressing Treviso scrumhalf Tobias Botes after protesting with the words “This is not Soccer!” leading to fans of the sport praising him for his bold and quick witted control of the situation.

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