Jay Rawlings

Jay Rawlings

As a walkabout magician, resplendent in top hat and tails and carrying a miniature theatre, Jay will entertain and delight any audience with his enchanting theatre of magic and illusion.

His eye catching and original costume creates a warm and friendly atmosphere that always attracts a crowd, and his skills in the arts of Magic and Illusion are guaranteed to leave his audience happily mystified and thoroughly entertained!

Jay has been working with great success at a wide range of events from corporate evenings and private parties, to fairs, fetes and festivals. He has even performed at Rick Wakemans’ outdoor rock concert at Hampton Court Palace.

Recent highlights include:

Appearing in a National TV advertising campaign for ‘Cadbury’s.

‘Summer In Abu Dhabi’ Festival.

‘The Lullaby Concerts’, featuring the City of London Sinfonia.

Performing for the team of FC Basel in Switzerland.

‘Palazzo Colombino’, Basel, Switzerland.

‘Xchange’ TV show for the BBC.

It’s a spellbinding performance as from the back of the stage appear two hands, ten digits performing uncanny sleight-of-hand for the amusement and merriment of an intimate audience.