Humphrey Walters

Humphrey Walters

Humphrey has been developing high performing teams and leaders for the last 30 years and specialises in developing winning teams and leaders within complex and competitive environments. He works with teams, which range from the England rugby team, premier division football teams, schools, major corporations, government departments, Industry and professional bodies.

In 1996/97 he completed the BT global challenge, dubbed “The World’s Toughest Round the World Yacht Race”, aboard Ocean Rover to further his studies in leadership and teamwork in a hostile environment. He uses this event to explain vividly what created successful individual and team performance among the 14 yachts that took part.

He has written extensively about high performing teams and leaders and is the co-author of the book “Global Challenge”, which has sold over 25,000 copies. It has become standard reading in many organisations, who are interested in leadership, teamwork and creating an inspirational environment.

Humphrey also works closely with the Sandhurst Military Academy and trains many Global Leaders at the academy using business methodology allied to the unique atmosphere of the academy.

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