Glen McCrory

Glen McCrory

Glenn McCrory is a sporting legend who is making an impact on the UK’s North-East business scene.

He has set up The Glenn McCrory Foundation to help youngsters, particularly in the Newbiggin Hall area of Newcastle, to realise their potential and to fulfil their dreams via an innovative boxing academy. His burning desire is to get a handful of young people from the North-East to reach such a pitch of athleticism they will represent Great Britain at the London Olympics in 2012.

“Getting in the ring and running a business like this are exactly the same,” he says. “It’s all about drive and commitment and not giving up. That attitude got me to be the only boxing world champion from the North-East and I did it myself.

I looked after myself and had rubbish facilities and no sponsorship, so what can I do if everyone gets behind me now with the best coaches and the best facilities?”

The 6th of july 2005 was the day that started the ball rolling. London, England was awarded the right to host the Olympic games in 2012. Glenn McCrory, former IBF cruiserweight champion of the world decided that the greatest sporting show on earth would be the catalyst for him to put back into the sport that had offered him so much.

This adventure had to start from grass roots if it was to have any longetivity or success. With no time like the present, Glenn set about securing premises, which were secured the following month. Knowing the depth of the task, a new approach was needed.

While many are not accustomed to asking for help from those that are in a position to do so, Glenn believed that British amateur boxing needed help and who better to go to than the best in the world.

Cuba has been one of the most dominant nations in amateur boxing since the 1970s and continues to be so.

With a haul that includes some 58 Olympic medals, the nations boxing prowess speaks for itself. Armed with not much more than dreams and plans, Glenn set off to Cuba in an attempt to secure to of the countries finest coaches.

Some progress was made but nowhere as much as was hoped. The enormity of the task soon hit home, but undeterred Glenn continued with his mission.

After a series of up’s and downs, uncertainties and the rest, August 2006 was to be the time that the first hurdle had been overcome. Permission was granted and Glenn returned with two Cuban coaches, Alberto Perez and Alberto Gonzalez.

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