Duncan Goodhew MBE

Duncan Goodhew MBE

Duncan Goodhew is one of the world´s most respected and instantly recognizable athletes. The twin misfortunes of losing his hair when he was 10 years old and being dyslexic spurred Duncan on to win the Bronze Gold Medal in the 4 x 100 Meter’s Medley Relay at the Moscow Olympics.

His TV appearances and his impressive athleticism combined to make Duncan a household name and his absolute determination made his a national hero.

In his book ‘Sink or Swim’, Duncan has drawn of the events of his own life and the long and arduous grind of training for competitive swimming – where your skills will be judged on a performance which is over in just a few minutes.

He addresses issues such as ‘how to get yourself motivated and stay motivated’ and that ‘success is an entirely individual matter’.

This can be applied to home and family as well as the work place and focuses on making sure you set your own criteria for achievement, rather that simply trying to meeting the expectations of other people – it redefines the nature of success, and how to achieve it.

Duncan´s success with the BT Swimathon is well known. From its inception in 1988, Swimathon has raised over £10 million for worthwhile causes and is one of BT´s most successful sponsorship campaigns.

Duncan´s considerable sporting and business experience, combined with his pleasing manner, informed approach and articulate delivery, make him a natural choice for Personal Appearances, After Dinner Speaking, Corporate Days and Promotions.

One of the world´s most respected and instantly recognizable athletes, Duncan also won bronze medal for the 4 x 10m Medley Relay in the Moscow Olympics.