Christine Hamilton

Christine Hamilton

Christine Hamilton appears regularly on TV and radio from entertainment to news and current affairs programmes. She has written a weekly column for the Western Daily Press – A monthly column for gay magazine Refresh and adverts for national newspapers and magazines and periodicals.

She is in demand to speak at luncheons and dinners and gatherings of all kinds equally at home with either male or female or mixed audiences enlivening many an occasion with her charm and humour.

A practised and entertaining and witty speaker she lifts the veil on the discreet yet not-so-discreet World of Westminster and enthuses hilariously about her Great British Battleaxes.

Her critically acclaimed BBC Choice series The Christine Hamilton Show proved her to be a natural and perceptive interviewer chatting to household names who have survived stormy waters of all kinds.

Christine acquired media celebrity overnight for the forceful support she gave her husband during his 1997 General Election campaign in the Tatton constituency. The Battle of Knutsford Heath was one of the high spots of the campaign. Descriptions of her ranged from the insultingly unflattering to the admiringly adulatory.

She was called everything from The Wife from Hell to The Battling Lioness. Lampooned in countless articles and cartoons as a ferocious Battleaxe she also aroused admiration for her spirit and chutzpah.

Inspired by her own caricature her first book Christine Hamilton’s Book of British Battleaxes was published in October 1998 and was revised and re-printed in 2003.

She is a very popular figure and an excellent and very interesting speaker on the After Dinner Circuit.

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