Ann Daniels

Ann Daniels

Polar Explorer Ann Daniels is one of Britain’s leading female explorers and is among the very few people in the world who have walked to both the North and South Geographical poles.

She is a Polar Guide and has led 3 major scientific expeditions on the Arctic Ocean working with scientists to better understand the problems facing the fragile Arctic Ocean.

Her achievements have been recognised by many bodies including the Guinness book of records, The Pride of Britain Awards and the Women of the Year Awards.  She has earned the freedom of Yeovil town and has received an honorary degree from Exeter University.

In 2000, Ann and four other women became the first all British women’s team to reach the South Pole on foot.  Pulling sledges weighing over 140 lbs and navigating by the sun the team travelled 700 miles across Antarctica.

In 2002, Ann put together and took part in the first female team in the world to ski to both poles. They endured temperatures as low as -50º and storms so severe they were unable to erect their tent, huddling together for 3 days. They suffered frostbite, back problems and carbon monoxide poisoning and one of the team had to be evacuated due to frostbite and wet gangrene.  Despite these setbacks they reached the pole triumphantly.

In 2005, Ann did a solo expedition across the Arctic sea ice from the Russian pack ice. Ann spent 21 days on the ice alone, had encounters with 5 polar bears and completed a 124 mile journey across the moving Arctic Ocean.