Alex Alley

Alex Alley

Alex is one of the British entries in the inaugural solo Global Ocean Race 2013/14 – a round the world yacht race for extreme grand prix yachts sailed single handed. Against an international line up he aims to win. One boat, one crew, eight months, 33,000 miles.

An ordinary man who has already achieved extraordinary things. As a child Alex taught himself to sail in a small dinghy and with no formal training was soon making his boat go faster. Through persistence he managed to crew on ever bigger and faster yachts, learning all the time. His determination was rewarded when, at the age of 21, he was selected to represent England. He raced professionally with the same team for almost two years with great success, winning many major international events.

His real test came during the Global Challenge Round the World Yacht Race, where he led his team in some of the world’s most hostile environments, non-stop 24 hrs a day for up to eight weeks at a time. Again with great success, helping his team to record no fewer than four 24-hour records for the race, despite having two medical evacuations in the freezing Southern Ocean.


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